"My name is General Hidden Phantom, leader of the Zan'ei Gundan. I am always working, however, if you have a request to make of me, I will do my best to tend to you."

Part of the Neo Arcadia and Company Group.

He who protects Light

Escaping a Phantom


"Did it not feel… Good to leave the castle?" Copy watched the bow with curiosity. Did Phantom like to sight see? Or was he as work oriented as the Sage? "Must I be guarded so closely?" It was not the first time he’d asked this question to the other.

"You are quite perfect in what you do." Copy admitted. Didn’t the original X get bothered by always being watched as well? "I’m sure a few breaks could be in order, however." It was a rare time when Copy allowed questions rather than ordering the other outright to leave him alone. Phantom deserved more respect than that.

Copy turned away, facing back to the view of the city, the sun almost down with only a sliver of bright light on the horizon. He moved dangerously close to the edge of the roof they were on.

Phantom took the change in topic in stride, and listened as his master asked him some strange questions. Did it feel good to leave the castle? Did X need to be guarded so closely? Well… there were answers for that.

He bowed to his master again and said, “thank you.” It was always nice to be appreciate.

"In regards to your questions…" the ninja had to think for a moment, but it did not take him long to speak again, "I very rarely leave Neo Arcadia, Master. I am always within its walls due to the nature of my position. Therefore, my experience is limited in as much. I have only ever left on work related nature that required my personal attention."

Which, of course, was rather rare.

"I was created to be your shadow, Master," the black reploid responded to the second question, "it is my duty to always be by your side.

"However," he felt the need to point this out, "if you require time to yourself, then arranging that is important. As you are our leader, leaving unannounced and disappearing again would only cause a panic within the government. That is why it is important to know where you are, and the reason you are guarded."

He hoped that answer was satisfactory. Despite being rather private himself, someone always knew where he was even when he needed time alone to himself. And it was important that someone did, in case of an emergency.

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Escaping a Phantom


Quick and efficient the other was.

Still, the smaller had to cover his own tracks.

"I suppose the only way to deal with it… Without damage to the vents is posting a few mobile camera’s." Copy suggested. "To be honest I was concerned over them and found to my surprise that I fit through most of them. I guess you can say by curiosity I’ve been… carried away mapping them. You’ll find coloured paths marked there." Copy waved Phantom to come down from his perch with a slight motion. It irritated him how tall everyone else was at the best of times, but Phantom was one of the few of rank that was comparable to his height. If only he didn’t perch like bird all the time in high places.

Copy watched as the others scarf moved as if it had a mind of its own. He could have sworn the breeze passed minutes ago.

"…" Copy waited for Phantom to carry out his original reason for seeking him.

The Guardian nodded once again to his master’s idea. It was certainly another idea that could be used for the more civilian area instead of the temples…

Phantom paid attention as the smaller reploid gestured for him to come down, and so, he jumped down swiftly from his perch and landed beside the leader of Neo Arcadia. 

The fact that he had mapped it out was certainly interesting. There was, of course, blueprints of the temples available, but he didn’t question further. Instead, he realised that his master was waiting for him to do his report, and thus, he delivered his original intention of finding the elusive reploid;

"I looked into the issues surrounding the fires and the explosions," he began, "There was no evidence of foul play, master. It seems as though some of the pipes had rusted, and the fires caused by a build up of gas. Both issues have been looked into and an investigation has been done into the safety of other areas that may have been neglected by time."

He felt better now that he had completed his ‘mission’ of delivering his report. With his master found, now he could keep an eye on him, as was his job.

"That concludes my report, master X," he said with a bow.

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Escaping a Phantom


He would have laughed at that ignorant response. Well, maybe Megaman X would have in humour. But it wasn’t quite funny. Stay in the tower? That was the problem he wanted to be outside the tower… with no supervision.

"Indeed, why don’t I?" Copy started with a relaxed tone, brushing off his top then finally standing. He dropped the vent door, cupping his hands behind his back, then casually turned his body to the Guardian. He looked distastefully at the open vent.

"Here’s the real answer to your poor response." Copy paused looking at the Phantom directly now with quite the stare. "No, I am not satisfied Master X, I had not known the vents were a security breach, that for sometime now anyone could used to traverse the castle, especially your own quarters, Master X."

Copy X then moved his eyes off the other, speaking more kindly. “Silly, isn’t it, yes?” Just as he was directing blame, he wasn’t at the same time.

While harsh, Phantom took the comment in stride and merely bowed his head. While it was true the ventilation shafts could be used as a security breech, they were necessary for, well, ventilation. Though, Phantom supposed that turrets could be set up in the ventilation if his Master wanted as much.

"Very well then," he replied and also stood tall, "I’ll see to it that all said security breeches are fixed," he replied dutifully. 

It still didn’t explain why his master was in the shafts himself, however, but he was not going to press his luck asking.

Instead, he merely sent out orders to his division via the bulletin board. Once done, he then shook his head.

"It is not silly to care about security," he replied softly.

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Escaping a Phantom


"Hmm." A breeze went by and Copy’s face looked as peaceful as ever in his fantasy world where only he and the lights below existed.

That was until he felt it. And it felt like a million piles of scrap heap had landed on his being. Wait. That would be better than this. At least he’d still be alone with the scrap heap on top and…

"Ph… F—ound me, did you?" Had it been anyone else, he’d be ready with his weapons out. However, Phantom posed no harm.

Copy’s red helm crystals gave a soft quick glow, evidence of the smaller one being alarmed initially by his guest, even without turning his face to the other.

Like a child, Copy looked at the vent door in his hands, picking at the metal, pondering what to do.

"How satisfied are you with your performance?" He demanded suddenly, with all the air of seriousness that a leader could muster.

Phantom didn’t even blink as his master reacted to his presence. His red cape fluttered a little in the breeze, and he watched as his master’s crystal glowed.

He nodded once to the question, and then finally blinked at the second. Satisfied with his performance? That was an odd question.

"I achieved my goal, so yes," he replied, though there was a slight bite to his voice again.

"With all due respect, Master X, if you need time to leave and be on your own, why do you not stay in the tower and ask for no disturbances?" that is, after all, what he used to do, "unless… there is something in here that requires your personal attention?"

He tapped the top of the vent.

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Escaping a Phantom


Copy X paused as he shifted through a particularly small vent. He was getting a slightly terrible feeling tonight. But there was no way to find out without getting out of such an inconvenient space. To his relief the rest of his current path directed him up. The reploid chose his favourite roof exit, one that gave him the least grief in his exit.

In minutes the smaller unscrewed the vent door that lead to freedom. He crawled out with much relief, not standing up right away. Copy X sat where he was, as soon as he was not in a crawling position, then looked out onto the city. He held the vent door in his hands, careful to not make loud sounds.

"…Finally." He spoke quietly with rare emotion.

The Guardian near remained unnoticed. After all, Copy X never had a reason to worry before. And the Phantom, true to his name, could never be detected when he didn’t want to be.

How frustrating.

The ninja, unfortunately for his ‘father’, had already beaten the leader of Neo Arcadia at his own ‘game’, so to speak. The Guardian was standing behind Copy X, but on a high pillar away from where his master was.

He couldn’t help but wonder still if his master had often done this before, or if this was an entirely new habit.

As such, he silently made his way down closer to the other reploid before he landed on top of the recently vacated vent. He remained silent as he crouched there, merely watching for a while.

Until he decided to unmask his energy signature, that is.

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Escaping a Phantom



"Oh shut up," Fefnir’s instant reaction to the snide remark was predictable and apparent.

As to his question, the Fire Guardian huffed and shrugged his shoulders, “nothing more than the usual - though he seems to have taken a liking to hiding in walls, if the signature I’m getting is right. Might wanna try that.”

With that, the taller reploid sidestepped his older brother and walked onwards, “have fun finding him if it’s true!”

Suitably pleased that he had probably annoyed his older sibling to no end, Fefnir giggled to himself and left the ninja to his own devices.

Though, even after saying it he still wondered why Master X was hiding in HIS temple, of all places.

The vents went on for miles, or it seemed as such. Copy X stopped for breaks when he was able to be upright leaning his back against the tight space of the vent he was in.

He’d marked the vents with stickers, red meant he was still in Fefnir’s territory, Green path would lead him to places in Sage’s and so forth. Currently he was trying to inch closer to the green paths, as those places led to the vents on the roof.

At moments there would be vents on the roof of offices and hallways. Copy would peer carefully to see if anyone below could possibly read him. Masking his signature was a tricky business as it was quite a strong and unique one. When it counted, he could mask for a short time.

Such as when a Guardian was nearing. He’d felt Fefnir alarmingly near. How was he done with his errand already? Was there not enough for him to do?

"Ah…" Copy took a breath.

He just had to get… closer to the roof.

Phantom had not expected the answer he had got. Hiding in the walls? Their master? That was strange, unexpected, and even more so that Fefnir dismissed it as normal. Maybe he thought that their Master had an odd streak?

It was certainly out of character to how he had acted before he vanished, but then, who knew too much about what X did when alone. For all they knew, he had hidden himself away in the walls just to hide from people.

As it was, when alone, the ninja turned to the walls as instructed. While he didn’t find his master’s signature, there WAS something in the ventilation system. A reploid was certainly up there.

Tilting his head to the side, Phantom had to wonder as to why his master, if it was him, was going to such lengths to hide. Was he really that desperate to be alone?

The Guardian poofed away with a puff of smoke as he went to investigate. Like all reploids, he could also mask his own signature, and was a master at doing it, as he should be. He did so now as a precaution so he himself was not bothered, and then got to the highest place on the temple to watch the signature move to see where he may or may not come out.

And now, to wait.

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Escaping a Phantom


Having recently returned from dealing with the fires in the residential district (or rather sent units there to deal with it and merely went to check on them that afternoon), Fefnir was now returning to his temple to check on things there.

The Fire Guardian had not noticed any kind of ‘infiltration’ by means of looking at the walls and seeing panels of metal being disturbed, but he HAD noticed his master’s energy signature lingering around his temple in rather odd places at times. He had been curious about it once and gone to investigate, but despite the signature being present in his temple…. Fefnir couldn’t make heads or tails of it being in the WALLS.

He had dismissed it as a prank but instructed Anubis to keep an eye on it in case it was something sinister.

Said Lieutenant General had not seen anything odd except seeing the signature come and go, and so, Fefnir had assumed that his master simply had an odd hobby.

Speaking of odd, Fefnir was happily walking by when his least favourite sibling showed up. With a grumpy look and wondering what Phantom could possibly want with him, the Fire Guardian said, “hey, Phantom, what’s up?

Realising too late that Fefnir would probably ask what he was doing in his temple instead of him simply passing his younger brother by, the ninja decided to humour him and said, “I would say the roof, but I assume you mean what I am doing here.”

Who said he didn’t have a sense of humour? Definitely not Phantom. 

"I am curious as to if you’ve noticed any odd activity lately," the Shadow Guardian asked, "regarding our leader."

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Escaping a Phantom


It was never too late in the afternoon to begin this activity. The trick was all timing. However, with an opponent that moved the same as a passing shadow, Copy X had only been successful about 10% of the time for a full evasion.

The week had been tiring to say the least. The humans in quarter A had safe water drinking issues when a pipe decided to burst on its own just to spite his ever list of growing problems. He’d sent a few lower ranks to take a look. Next, a few fires had happened in the disposable scrap area, which wasn’t too much of a concern, unless of course the piles decided to join each other and then the fire became more than a bit of a problem. He’d promptly sent the fire Guardian on that task. It was a manner of small incidents that had lead to Copy’s decision that enough was enough for that next week.

Responsibility be damned.

Ah, and of course today was the day Phantom had recently returned from an expedition, one that took much effort to get the Phantom to even take. The Guardian had pinged him for some routine news to be delivered promptly. Well, that gave the smaller one a window of warning. 

Master X, walked down the usual main hallway passing a few middle ranks. While his face remained blank, he still gave a nod to a few officers in acknowledgement. The first step of evasion is creating a walk  path of where reploids had seen him last, a false trail to where he was really headed.

Remaining in his personal wing would be too obvious and passing Leviathan’s would be…not in his interest. However it wouldn’t be unusual to be seen down Harpuia’s or Fefnir’s environments. What luck it was that he’d passed neither Guardian on his way out of Harpuia’s territory into the flame Guardian’s.


There were sections of this wing that were in a bit of disarray, metal patched and repaired because of… accidents. However some were not. These patches could fit the young leader’s body through on purpose. Thus, was the way Copy could traverse through certain vents to go outside unseen. It was not as clean or as quiet as he would have hoped, but it would do.

Copy X unscrewed a few loose bolts from a piece of thin metal, it moved aside with little effort. He looked back for a moment, then closed his eyes listening to anyone who might be coming to this deserted hallway. Detecting nothing, the smaller crawled inside the secret passage. Once there, he picked up the metal patch he’d unscrewed and bolted it back from the inside. 

It wasn’t perfect, but it was the method that had been working well for him. Unless someone was staring at this certain patch long enough to notice that the bolts were backwards, well. Copy was going to keep doing it until it failed him one day.

While Phantom had sworn eternal allegiance to Master X and all that came with it, he couldn’t quite fathom what the purpose was of investigating the behind the scenes of who or what was responsible behind the recent incidents in the residential districts in person. The master had insisted that he go, not one of his units, and the Shadow Guardian had been all but baffled by it.

But, as the ever loyal ninja he was, he had gone to do just that upon X’s orders. He had returned soon enough, of course, and went to find his master, also as per his instructions…

… only to find the short reploid missing.

Unsure as to why his master had vanished, the Guardian went to find his master, but he was in none of his ‘usual’ locations. He was growing inwardly rather irritated, as, of course, it was his job to guard Master X from all threats.

And to not know where he was was very bad for his position.

His search took him near the more unlikely locations, such as the Temple of Flame. 

He didn’t spot Harpuia on his way there though the Wind temple, so he assumed his brother was out in the field and working. Fefnir, on the other hand, he spotted walking his way and looking rather proud of himself.

"Fefnir," he greeted, and the slight clip in his tone gave way to his annoyance.

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A Change in Perspective





Libraries. Files. They streamed rapidly through his systems as he onlined slowly. His conscious gradually expanded, slowly shifting from solely the core to the rest of his bodice. 

Checks ran constantly front-most.

Shoulder servos online. Check… OK.

And other such information swept past him at a speed that would be too hard for a human to process, but he could do just fine. Soon he grew aware of his positioning, of the fact that there were cables hooked all over him, that he was in a place called a ‘capsule’ and it would be necessary until they became obsolete. Words, information, continued to stream, so he kept his eyes shut to avoid bringing in too much data when he was not done filtering.

There was a voice, a warm voice he identified as familiar. After, there was another voice, a new one, which he did not recognize. As the capsule recognized him as conscious and the cables disconnected, Harpuia (as he learned was his designation) opened his eyes and looked around from his position, taking in as much external data as he could now that he was done with internal. The deeper voice he heard second he then logged as ‘Phantom’, as the voice had said. Glancing over, he could immediately tell which it was.

After all, the other he immediately recognized as Master X.

Unsure of what to make of the situation other than ‘greet’, he slowly let himself up, took a slight glance at himself, then regarded the mechanics around him, then the newbuilt that was his sibling and the aged one that was he whom he’d serve. His father.

"Good morning." He started, then paused, giving what else he should say some thought. "I am Harpuia. Master X, it’s…" He paused once more, searching his databank for words. "… I will do my best." He finished, blinking slightly as he realized the sentence did not really logically connect. Huh. He tilted his head. "It’s an honor." Better.

Files, files and more data streamed into him and around his mind as it was processed. He found himself not enjoying the sensation much, even as he was learning vital information that was important to… well, EVERYTHING.

He could feel himself coming online as he was beginning to get a grimance on his face. He wanted to get up and move! He wanted to do things! The information he was recieving was teaching him what he was to be - the one out on the field and cleaning up debris after a war? It sounded like good fun!

He wanted to get out into the sun, and the light and the warmth of the desert. Everything about his being was screaming at him to wake up.

And once he heard a soft, warm voice, a deeper one, and then another higher one, Fefnir’s optics opened up all of a sudden.

The male reploid blinked his red optics once, and then again. His vision focused and became clear as he did so, and the one known as Fefnir looked over to see an aged reploid he knew was Master X. Beside him was Phantom; the deep voice must’ve belonged to him.

On his other side was the one the higher voice had belonged to - Harpuia. He blinked once at him - what the hell were those things on his head?

The cables disconnected from his back and Fefnir sat up. He then shook his body like a dog as he looked around with absolute curiosity. Everything looked so interesting; he was itching to see what else was in the lab aside from himself, his brothers, and his master.

But for now, he turned to Master X and gave him a big grin,

"I’m Fefnir, Master X! It’s an honour to meet you!" His sunny voice echoed around the room, and he covered his mouth in shock. That was loud… were voices always supposed to be this loud? He let out a sheepish giggle, and smiled at his brothers as if to say a silent ‘oops’.

A sea of data. ones and zeros turning to words and protocols as the information fed into Leviathan’s mind coming like a river,all at once while at the same time it felt like it was a century, Information of vitals, comprehension, diagnostics, all those fun things.

The world was big to her, it was huge the memories that where given to her but the information it lacked interested her, the big blue expanse with the name of the “Ocean” where she was built to be, Ice, her attunement, what it entailed still was yet to be loaded in at this point, everything led to going there, cleaning up as she went

first things first, Leviathan had to wake up, and as her final processes where running through, she heard a warm voice as her audio receivers booted up for the first time.

good morning.”

Leviathan’s optical sensors activated in response to it, them adjusting to the light and the world around her bloomed in a blur, which quickly buffered into clarity, she heard voices all to the right of her, she looked around, taking in data

A deep voice, belonging to reploid she logged as “Phantom”, and a higher voice, coming from  another one, whom she designated as Harpuia blinking upon gazing at him - like the larger reploid next to him, whom she designated as “Fefnir” - wondering

what in the big blue world could those things on his head be for?..

The cables disconnected from the various ports around Leviathan, as now her systems knew it was go time now, at first, she had a bit of trouble working out her balance, her systems seemed to have two separate systems for this procedure, as it chose the correct one her stance change, and the motors in her ‘hair’ whirred briefly to life making a quick - vrr - sound.

now, she rose to speak, as her brother fefnir spoke in his big loud voice, and his reaction to the sound, she winced a little at first, but responded with a short laugh to it.

not a big laugh,a demeaning laugh, just a small, little chuckle, before she looked forward, looking to him. Master X. here in front of her, as she searched for the words, now responding with the first she heard

"Good morning to you too, Master X." Leviathan began , as good a start as any. "My name is Leviathan."

X closed his eyes for a long moment, pondering the words he’d utter next, pondering what to say and do. These first moments were perhaps some of the most important, and yet, he knew not what to do as a ‘father’. Just thinking about it was… Strange to him.

Slowly, his eyes opened once again, taking in the sight of the four… Children; as strange as it seemed to call them that.

"Meeting all of you is a bit surreal." He confessed, out of his depth in this confusing situation.

What did he know about being a father figure? What did he know about caring for children? …Mature, or not so mature (in some of the cases) that they may be.

"Regardless, I’m glad to have met each of you as well. I’m sure that there’s a great deal that all of us will have to learn about each other, and I’m sure we might step on each other’s toes at first. But, even so, I’m certain we’ll figure things out."

He could only hope that his impromptu speech was in fact truth instead of a bald faced lie.

What was he supposed to do, to say? In the background a few technicians were murmuring in confusion. Their creation had only been at the pressing of the Gentle Judges and the human leadership alike, yet here X, was trying his best to be involved with them.

Failing perhaps, but trying nevertheless.

Glancing at the group of engineers and technical workers, X decided to speak once more, realizing that the added… Individuals would only derail any attempts to get to know them.

"Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir, Phantom, I suggest that we head to the gardens so that can discuss things without added input."

If he was to truly get to know them, where better than the gardens themselves? A place that had soothed his soul time and again. Besides, the voices of the technicians was getting a bit frustrating.

"Master X…" A scientist approached a bit meekly, holding a halopad in his right hand.

"Hm?" X turned to him, accepting that distractions like this would happen.

"Sir… We should run some tests…"

Nodding slightly, X pulled the holopad away from the scientist, reading the details of the upcoming tests.

"They’re combat focused tests anyway. That can be delayed for now. When they return I’ll let you know if and when those tests can begin."

"Yes Master." The scientist bowed respectfully as he accepted the holopad back from the former hunter.

Turning back to the guardians, X nodded once.

"There’s a time and place for tests, and a time to spread wings. Waking up for the first time isn’t what I’d call ideal for a battery like that… Unless you’d rather do that first of course."

If they did, maybe he’d figure out what to say in the meantime, but deep down he doubted that that would be the case.

Master Spokesperson? Check, Legendary Hunter? Check. Hero? Check again. A good father that knew what he was doing? He’d rather take on Sigma a couple hundred more times. At least he understood that.

Phantom watched as his siblings activated, one by one. The green one, Harpuia, seemed to be a bit awkward with his wording, but he eventually got the job done. The ninja nodded once to him and then turned as the one nearer to him, a taller, bulkier red reploid woke up.

He seemed more energetic, somehow, than Harpuia, and loudly greeted their master before giggling sheepishly from the sound of his own voice. Phantom found that rather curious - but then, he too had been surprised by the sound of his own voice as well.

Though, he was interested in the design of his two younger brothers - Harpuia looked similar to him, except those strange fins on his head. And Fefnir had horns on his head that looked like they covered his eyes; that had to be annoying.

Lastly, he turned to Leviathan, who seemed the more casual one of the group. She too had a strange head ornament - he could only assume that it was to do with their functions and elements.

The ninja was curious about them, but once X spoke, his attention focused entirely on him.

It was surreal, meeting them? Phantom found that strange, but he merely put it down to his inexperience of the world. Hopefully one day he’d learn what his master meant.

He blinked once at the idea of stepping on Master X’s toes. The ninja was confused on that - his function was to serve him loyaly and utterly. But he would not protest at going out into the Gardens to get to know one another, and he nodded once at the idea.

He watched with hawk eyes as the scientist came over to his master and talk about combat tests. Once X dismissed it for the time being, Phantom shook his head in response to the query.

"I am… not fussed, either way," the ninja replied slowly, as he was not sure how to respond to X asking for his opinion, somewhat.

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A Change in Perspective



He had fought for years, yet there was no rest for him. He had many more battles ahead. Neo Arcadia was just beginning to flourish. His old friend had been long since sealed and X couldn’t rely on him. He was utterly alone and had been for years now.

Yet the world had turned to him; asking him to take up the burden of leadership, asking him to bear the trials of the world and with X being X he accepted. Yet even as humans and Reploids began to raise him up in reverence as their ‘hero’ and even as ‘Master X’ he had to continue to battle. But it didn’t bother him anymore.

And that was the worst thing of all. When it no longer hurt to kill. He could easily squeeze the trigger and end a life. X became well aware that he was… Losing his humanity- losing what had made him so….  Different over so many other Reploids. This was when he realized that… He was ready to die. He was tired. He’d fought too many wars. He’d been alone too long. He was ready to just slip into eternal rest…

Still, X wasn’t allowed such a mercy. He couldn’t… Not when there were so many lives still depending on him. The ex hunter had no idea that his depression was beginning to fog his once clear vision and he was starting to make foolish mistakes. He was starting to do stupid things, but he was still loved and overall X performed his job well.

When the scientists of Neo Arcadia had proposed four high grade Reploids directly based off of X’s DNA code he’d almost said no. However, they’d urged him to reconsider; to give them a chance to explain their reasoning. Their argument had been valid; powerful even and so X had given his consent. They were to be his children.

While they were being built X hadn’t paid them much thought, his mind focused on the front lines. Maverick attacks were relentless and if he didn’t keep on his toes surely…But as they grew closer to completion he found himself wondering… What would they be like…?

In one sense he… Wouldn’t be alone anymore if things went well. He’d… Have a family. But if things went poorly… He… He didn’t want to feel that again. Alia, Signas, Douglas, Axl, Layer… They were just a handful of names that he could list off the top of his head. He’d thought… Surely they’d have made it. He was wrong.

Clad in his robes X wandered the halls of his great fortress his head for a change not on the battles on the frontier, nor the cleaning attempts but instead on the potentials that could happen with these newly built Reploids. They were to be awoken in just a few hours.

“What should I do…?” X wondered to himself as he leaned against a pillar, his head bowed.

Thankfully, many of the guards and servants knew better than to disturb him when he was so troubled. Otherwise, he’d have had to shoo them away as they worried about their ‘beloved master’. X still felt uncomfortable about the title even now.

His thoughts were scattered and his mind raced. But ultimately he was well aware that the risk of death was high-even for Reploids based off his DNA… If they somehow managed to survive… If they all could pull through the Elf Wars… If they could bring peace together… X… X would tell them everything.

They might have hated him for his cruelty, but…It was possible that X himself could die before them. If he did… Well, this way they would suffer less as well. Yes, this way would work for the best.

Decision made X pushed himself off of the monolithic pillar. Each step X took echoed hollowly in the empty halls of Neo Arcadia’s core. If X had glanced down at the black floors he could have observed his weary face in the black tiles. This was his sanctuary. A place that only he and a handful of others; Mostly repair drones were allowed and deep in the heart of this shelter was his ‘throne’. It was an overly ornate piece of furniture with a large library downloaded into the arm rests. That was his destination. A place to study and plan for the future.

X had little intention to even be there when his ‘children’ were activated. It’d possibly help form an attachment that… None of them could have afforded. However, as the golden door slid open X realized that his chair had an intruder… A highly… Strange Intruder.

His armor was battered, charred in spots and chunks were even torn off but the armor itself was still unmistakably a blue hue.

“What…? This can’t be…” X shook his head as he stumbled back.

The figure on X’s throne merely beckoned X to approach with a weary gesture and X couldn’t help but feel drawn to him.

What could have happened to him…His eyes were…As battered as the intruder’s body was, as damaged as he was he knew Old X would prove no match for the much younger counterpart…  But It was his eyes that chilled the city’s leader.

X had felt weary, battered and drained but this figure… He had seen things that X couldn’t have even begun to imagine and his heart clenched in fear.

“X… If it isn’t apparent… I’m you.” His counterpart stood and approached him.

They were indeed frighteningly similar. The same height, eye color, armor type, weapons, and voices.

“And…. I’m here for one reason.” The deadened gaze in the much older version of himself sent chills down His spine.

What did he mean…?

“What are you-” X began but as he started to speak a fist came flying out of the blue and struck X’s left temple, sending the Master of Neo Arcadia sprawling.

For being so battered this damaged X still could hit like a tank and X forced himself to roll onto his back to face the (obviously) angry Old X.

“You… I am such a fool! Those four children who are about to awaken are the most precious beings that will ever enter your life and you’re going to just…” Old X snarled before striding over to him.

X was stunned. He hadn’t expected to meet another version of himself… He also hadn’t expected to be pummeled by said alternate of himself either. Yet both things were happening. Needless to say he felt a need to defend himself from his angry older self.

“Hey, I’ve got a brilliant plan! Why don’t we punish the idiot responsible for the elf wars by giving him an immortal body huh?” Old X snarled as he ducked under X’s fist and retaliated with a right cross of his own.

This older version of himself knew every trick in the book and then some. X frowned even as he ducked under a barrage of strikes. He’d have asked how he’d known that that was what the Neo Arcadian leadership board had requested and X had agreed to the proposal. But it was apparent that…

“He’s done wrong and needs to face justice.” X replied coldly as he attempted a leg sweep.

However, Old X was ready and dashed back out of range before vaulting off the walls in an attempt to grab X’s helm with a clawed hand.

“Reality check: That won’t work!” Old X growled as X was forced to dive to one side.  

The two stalked each other for a few moments; Old X glaring at his younger self.

“Here’s another fantastic idea; why don’t we use our own body as a seal for the dark elf and let Neo Arcadia fall into a panic? That’s a great idea too isn’t it? Got any other excellent plans stuck in that thick skull of ours huh, X? It’s not like people look up to you now, is it?” Old X snarled even as X managed to kick him in the chest.

X couldn’t help but flinch at the observation.

“But…” X began to protest.

Old X shook his head before he kicked X’s chest twice in quick succession.

“Don’t you get it, X? I’ve wanted to die just as long as you but I keep on living because of those four. They gave everything for me and I can’t let their sacrifice be in vain. Not now… Not ever! And… Because no matter how much I tried to deny it I always loved them… From the very first moment I saw them.” His voice wavered.

X flinched as he considered ordering the immediate cancellation of the project. He could have it stopped before they awoke after all…

The old X’s eyes narrowed though.

“Don’t be stupid. You’d regret it even more. Without them, Wiel, Omega…. They’ve already won. I know you’re scared of opening back up. I was too… But… Losing them… Was because I… I didn’t open to them.” Old X struck again; throwing him off balance.

X’s heart attempted to harden. He had to stay the course. Yet, this older version of him read him like a book. Not that it was difficult to understand why.

“Let me put this into perspective, idiot. We decide in our infinite wisdom to send Weil and Omega off into Space as ‘punishment’. Next, instead of ordering Neo Arcadian Scientists to work on energy research and a way to cure the dark elf we simply seal her using our own body. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.” X could feel the sarcasm dripping from Old X a mile away and it was worse as he was merely a few dozen feet away.

X went to protest but Old X beat him to the punch. Quite literally.

 “Stop it. Like it or not, X, you are needed. If for nothing more than those four Reploids about to be born into this world.” the older version of himself sighed before he flung himself at X again.

“Pick yourself up for a change!” Old X roared even as X smashed his fist into the fragile shoulder plating, sending fragments flying across the throne room.

Again and again Old X pointed out obvious flaws in X’s plans, kept calling him ‘Moron’ and ‘Idiot’ for good measure.

Twenty brutal minutes passed before the two’s fight finally ended. Old X was lying against a gray pillar and Neo Arcadia’s Leader leaned against his throne as he pondered what he’d heard as they fought.

He slowly took a few deep simulated breaths before he approached the badly damaged version of himself. The words of Old X kept echoing in his skull, repeating over and over again. They mocked him and ridiculed his carefully constructed plans. Yet… When X listened to them mocked by his older self… It made horrifying sense and he saw a very different picture than the one he’d planned.

Had X been so wrong after all?

“I’ll send someone to repair you.” X offered, however the older version of himself shook his head.

“No need. I don’t belong in this time. I’ll fade from existence soon enough. I knew the risks.” Old X replied firmly.

X’s eyes widened before he dropped to his knees and grasped the hand of the severely damaged version of himself.


“So… You wouldn’t make the same mistake I did… I’ve… Lived with regret for the last three centuries. I didn’t… Realize how much they meant to me… Until it was… Far too late. I tried to give them the world but… They figured out my plan…Those brave Guardians…” Old X’s eyes had filled with tears even as he started to fade.

Temporal mechanics weren’t something X was familiar with but… Even he was well aware of the result of two of the same people existing in the same time. The one that wasn’t supposed to would…

“Love them… Love them as I never did.” Old X pleaded before fading from X’s grip.

Meeting another him hadn’t been something the master of Neo Arcadia had planned on. However, to ignore such a terrible future, one that all that he and Zero had worked on…

Well, to let such a thing come to pass was one he would not let occur. For a moment, a long one, X stared at where his aged counterpart had been just moments before. Then, regretfully, he shook his head wearily before he exited the throne room, and headed towards the reploid R&D labs where the four… Where his… his children were being created.

Before, it had been out of need that they were created, to serve him and the nation to the best of their ability. Yet… Was it possible that they could be more…?

Shaking his head slowly once more, he weaved through the halls, waving off attendants as he did so. No, his only need was to meet them. Four on the verge of awakening…

"Master X! What are you doing here sir?" A scientist working on Leviathan asked, putting down the tool that she’d been using to finish configuring her armor.

"I… Decided that I should be here when they awoke. After all, they do have my DNA.”

Of course, there was more to it, but it would suffice for a reason… For now. The Scientist shrugged her shoulders before speaking.

"Very well master, Fefnir and Phantom should be activating any minute now." The woman pointed over to another section of the room.

"Then I’ll start there." X agreed, heading over to the future guardians.

"Good morning." He greeted as they slowly awoke, one by one.


That was what he knew at first. Darkness. Data. Streams and lines of it flew before his closed optics. Teaching him, leading him.

He knew what he was: His designation was ‘Phantom’, his duty was to be the protector of his father, Master X. He would swear his life to him.

Part of his programming was… teaching him the art of martial arts and ancient knowledge of ‘shinobi arts’. It was teaching him how to fight, how to live, and how to conduct himself in a day to day life.

He could feel his consciousness beginning to wake itself, somehow. It was… a strange sensation…

It was like a light calling him. A soft, gentle voice, wishing him a good morning…

Slowly, the short reploid opened his eyes.

The feedback he was getting as he looked around the place was almost overwhemling… but he employed the foundations of his new knowledge in Shinto practices… what he knew of it, anyway, and kept calm. He saw what he knew would be his siblings… they were to be different from him, he knew.

For he had no element, though he was content with that.

He was greeted with bright lights, faces, and mechanics all around him. He was in a pod, with tubes connected to his ports on his back, neck, pelvis and legs. He blinked again, and turned his head to the blue reploid who he recognised as Master X.

The tubes disconnected with a hiss of steam, and slowly, he pulled himself into a sitting position. He put a hand on the edge of the pod, and he bowed his head deeply to the blue reploid.

He was smaller than he had thought.

"Good morning, Master X. My name is Phantom. It is an honour to meet you," he greeted, his voice echoing around the room. It was… a weird feeling to feel his own voice and hearing it in his own brand new audios.

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